An Update

Okay, it’s now March 1st, and I haven’t posted since February 22nd. So what happened to my uploading every day of February? Luckily, that already was failed on Friday the 18th as I didn’t upload then. But I did say that I would continue to upload daily for the remainder of February and only made it another three days, so what happened? That’s a good question, and I’d excuse you for thinking I’ve given up.

What Happened?
Unfortunately, I had to stop posting for medical reasons. I didn’t get COVID or anything like that, and it was honestly nothing too serious. However, I did have many things going on in my life, and the pressure and stress had started to build. Last week, I also had a bit of an unexpected workload from my clients, which made me decide to either keep with my daily upload schedule or keep my clients happy by providing them with good quality work in a timely manner. For obvious reasons, I chose to keep my clients happy.

On top of what I just mentioned, I also ended up with a bit of a computer issue that took a few days. This isn’t an obvious reason why I stopped uploading, especially if you’ve read my previous post “Computers: What To Buy” because I have three total computers. What may even make it less of a reason is that the one who broke is the only one of my three that is not dedicated to work-related tasks. So why do I include it here? Simple. It’s one of the large factors that increased my stress level, forcing me to opt not to post. This computer is thousands of dollars, and I had just invested over a thousand into upgrading it, so for it to break immediately after such a high-value upgrade is a highly stressful situation.

For those of you who spent time out of your day checking the blog to see if I posted to no avail, I apologize and try to keep a more consistent uploading schedule. Also, to those of you who messaged me asking if I was okay, I greatly appreciate the concern, and if my email response wasn’t enough, this is another message to you to show that I’m okay.

The Future
Okay, now that’s out of the way, what about the future of this blog. February is over, after all, so does that mean I’m going to stop posting? Not at all. Though keeping a daily schedule can be stressful, I’m having fun writing some of these posts and will continue to upload. However, as of the rest of this week, I will probably not post anything. I want to use the remainder of this week to relax and not worry about much.

Sunday, March 6th, will be my next upload. Not positive about what I will be posting, but that will be my next upload. Going forward, my upload schedule will likely be two a week, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, plus an occasional bonus post on Sunday. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s will be a random topic related to my business, but Sunday’s posts will be reserved for Dev Logs. If anyone has any suggestions for what they’d like to see me post about for my random days, please feel free to¬†contact me. I always love to communicate with my readers and hear their thoughts about what I am doing!

TL:DR; I didn’t post for a while due to large amounts of stress buildup, and I’ll be back to posting starting on Sunday. I apologize for any wasted time checking the blog for updates but I look forward to writing for my audience again soon. Thank you all for the kind words I’ve received, and I appreciate you sticking around. Talk to you Sunday!

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