Analytics Consulting

Improve Your Websites Performance For $60/Month

Knowing how people use your website can give you insight on how your website is performing and what people want. Let HyperDirect help you analyze the data and learn what’s working and what needs some work.

Set-Up Analytics

If you don’t already have analytics set-up, I can help get your site linked so we can review your traffic.

Analytics Review

Scheduled consultations to review how your website is performing and what people are doing on your site.

Content Revision

We will help you work on your website to increase your overall analytics performance.


Not watching your analytics is like driving blind. Know how to improve your site by knowing how your visitors use you site.

What’s Included?

Analytics Set-Up

Using the website host of your choice, I will create and connect Google Analytics or update your analytics to GA4 for you.

Scheduled Reports

Using Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, I will create a customized and interactable analytics report that can be sent to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Analytics Consulting

You can set up a one-hour monthly consultation with me to learn more abut how your users utilize your website. This can help you learn how and what to improve. Additional consultations can be set-up for a small fee.

Get Started

Our prices start at just $60/month* and can infinitely expand your users experience and thus increase your conversions. Contact us today to get started!

*A set-up fee may be applicable depending on the status of your systems.