Dev Log (03/20/2022)

Warehouse Management/Ordering PortalFirst, this project will now be known as ‘Horizon’ as that’s what I named the demo database. Last update, I said that I had completed the warehouse locations (name, aisle, location) database tables. That’s true, minus a few… Read More »Dev Log (03/20/2022)

What Happened To Yats

Almost 1 month ago, on February 15th, I made a post about Yats (Emojis as a website URL? I’m not convinced Yet…). These were supposed to be the way of the future but I haven’t really heard much about them… Read More »What Happened To Yats

No Update For Today

Hello all, I tried to just make a notice on my blog page for this but unfortunately, it didn’t want to save. I was reviewing the Dev Log just now before uploading it and I’ve decided not to post it… Read More »No Update For Today

What Are Dev Logs?

I am officially back to blogging on a regular basis. My much-needed break is now over, and I can come back to the blog to provide my clients and other interested parties with updates about my company and the web… Read More »What Are Dev Logs?

An Update

Okay, it’s now March 1st, and I haven’t posted since February 22nd. So what happened to my uploading every day of February? Luckily, that already was failed on Friday the 18th as I didn’t upload then. But I did say… Read More »An Update