Can Custom Software Development Help Save You Money

Many businesses use many web services that tend to be straightforward systems at their core. This is great as it offers a simple solution to your business’s problem. However, the biggest problem I see companies running into is that these systems are not built for them specifically. This causes your business to have to create workarounds, or even change the overall flow of how your company operates, to accommodate the solution that your business needed. These workarounds are exactly why I love to develop custom software solutions for my clients.

Custom software development allows my clients to use a specifically built system for them. This will enable them to optimize the service to their exact needs, meaning no workarounds. Additionally, custom solutions are adaptable as your need for the service changes meaning that you’ll never require any workarounds.

The biggest downside that I’ve heard from clients is probably a pretty obvious one, cost. These solutions are not cheap and will likely never be cheap. When looking at your options, your typical thought process might be, “I can use this service, with a couple of workarounds, for $180/month, or have a custom solution made to my exact need for $20,000.” For many businesses, it’s much easier to pay the $180/month. By the time you grow to a point where you can afford the full development cost, you’ve already invested heavily in wrapping your workflow around this service. This process essentially locks you into paying that $180/month to this other company forever while they do nothing but the occasional updates.

The counterargument to that thought process, $180/month is probably not your only cost involving that service. Think about how many workarounds you had to come up with to get this process to work. How much time did your team spend conversing about how the workflow can change to allow this system to integrate into your business? How much time was invested talking to support to see if there were any other possible answers to your problem? How much time did you spend/do you still spend looking for this subscription service? My point is that your employee’s time investments will almost always be the larger bill involved with a system that you need to create a bunch of workarounds for.

The adaptability of a custom software solution can’t be beaten either. Maybe your business found the exact solution you needed today. What are the chances that your business won’t adapt in 6 months, 1 year or 5 years to the point that this solution is no longer perfect? You typically can’t just call the developer and ask them to make a change and keep your bill the same. Even if you can, your request is added to a long list of everyone’s development requests to likely be forgotten or covered. With custom software, it’s the opposite. Your solution will always cater to your exact need, whether your needs adapt over time or stay the same.

So, with that said, are there any custom software solutions that your business could use? Think about bookkeeping, inventory management, estimating, contact management, production workflows etc. An almost infinite source of things can be heavily optimized specifically for your business, saving you time and money. If you are interested in talking with me about any custom solution for your business, please feel free to contact me whenever you’re ready!

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