Creating A YouTube Channel

HyperDirect LLC will be starting a YouTube channel in the near future. This YouTube channel will be used to share updates with the community about the company and projects we are working on. It will serve as an additional communication method between myself and my clients in the same way that my blog is used.

I currently can’t give a date that the channel will go live, but I wanted to write a quick post that it is coming. Currently, the only videos that I have in the plans are some fun projects to add to my portfolio as something to send to prospects to help them get a grasp on my skill level and my overall personality. I find this a much more personal way of showing people what I can do rather than just listing the things I’ve done on my website (also to likely come soon.)

I’m sure the first bunch of videos will probably be a little awkward, but that’s how everyone starts, right? I didn’t have a lot to talk about in this post. I hope no one is upset I didn’t write a long post as I usually would. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I will add the channel link to this post when I make it. Stay tuned!

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