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Email Marketing
Inform Your Audience

The Process



Provide us with a list of everyone who has done business with you or is subscribed to your email list. Please do not include emails that have not opted in to receive your marketing emails.



Decide how frequently you’d like to update your subscriber list on information about your business’s products/sales. Many companies opt to send an email multiple days throughout the week. We recommend trying various times to see when you get the best performance.



Do you have previous emails that you’d like us to follow? What about the content inside of the emails? Please give us a general idea of what should be discussed. We can also tie in the content from your social media to keep everything consistent and feel like they belong together.



Email blasts are a great way to let your audience engage with you. To make sure you’re making the most of it, pay attention to statistics like ‘Unsubscribes,’ ‘Clicks,’ and ‘Bounces.’ These can help guide you in the right direction to make better content that provides better results.