How To Build Your Website

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A lot of people ask how to build there own website. What programs they should use, who should host it, and what plugins they should install for optimal performance. In my 8 years of experience, I can give a little information about a bunch of the more popular solutions and maybe help you decide if they work for you.

How was this website built?
HyperDirect has it’s website hosted on SiteGround. I’ve been using SiteGround since April 2018 and have had very few problems with the hosting or any other service that is offered. Though I have used many solutions offered by them, HyperDirect is currently running as a WordPress site through SiteGround using their GrowBig hosting plan. I will probably do separate blog posts about various hosting providers so I don’t want to go to far into this but this plan just works great for what I need it for. For extra services, I always use their Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL or for larger projects, the Premium Wildcard SSL is great and relatively low priced at $7.50/month. I have used SG Site Scanner until recently, it hasn’t really been all that useful for my purposes as of now. The Domain Privacy service is also highly recommended if you don’t want to be receiving a lot of spam from people asking if they can do your website for you.

Check out SiteGround here:

What about using Wix?
Wix is a great service for building a wide variety of websites. Wix seems to have a good focus for their updates usually revolving around Security and/or Performance improvements. From my experiences and from watching others use the service, I find they push some of the more technical features to a lot of users then maybe they should. Wix has a full-stack studio called Velo which can be very useful for experienced developers but for a new user it can make the site look a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Most people that I know who go to Wix for a simple drag and drop solution that they can use to throw together a decent website in an hour or two. Though I think the advanced tools are great and they shouldn’t be ignored, I don’t think they are pushing them to the right audience. Maybe wait until they’ve used the service for a bit before you start popping up with advanced features. Note: I have not started the creation of a website using Wix in a while. Your results may differ.

Check out Wix here:

What about hosting directly through WordPress?
As I mentioned above, HyperDirect is hosting it’s website through SiteGround using WordPress as the engine. This isn’t because I don’t believe that WordPress is a good host. It’s more that I already have a working relationship with SiteGround and don’t see a reason to have all my websites split between 15 different web hosts. That’s a great way to get lost in this business. WordPress offers great services directly through their own site and if you don’t have a reason for the most advanced features of using a third-party host like SiteGround or BlueHost, then don’t. Host your website through WordPress and everything will work just the same.

Check out WordPress here:

What about a custom solution?
This is where it get’s a bit tricky. Wix and WordPress are great solutions for a lot of websites. They offer very easy to use interfaces, okay performance, and constant security improvements to keep your website running as great as possible. On occasion though, a website needs more than Wix or WordPress can offer. When I say custom solutions, I don’t mean that you want to change the layout. Both WordPress and Wix are beyond capable by this point in changing the layouts to your liking. I mean advanced back-end systems that take user data and run them through various scripts and systems to output a response to the user or to an administrator. These systems or not as doable on a one size fits all drag and drop web solution. Usually at this point is where I would suggest looking for an existing solution or creating your own. Hire a developer and create an amazing solution that does everything you need it to when you want it to. This option can drastically reduce costs depending on the online solutions you use and what you’re willing to pay upfront for long term savings.

In Conclusion
They all have their own best fit. Wix is great for online stores, WordPress is perfect for basic websites with blog like content and custom coded solutions are the best fit for full custom back-end web applications. All of them have various costs for hosting, creating and maintaining but are great options. If you are still unsure what would be best for your website needs, you can also contact me via the contact page and I can help you decide, make the site and keep it running at it’s best.

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