Marketing Campaigns Made Simple With Our Business Management Package

When it comes to a business’s online presence, there are many things to pay attention to. The number of sites that companies are basically expected to be on is crazy. Coincidentally, HyperDirect LLC is making a change to their service to bundle a complete branding experience into one.

Web Hosting & Maintenance
As HyperDirect is primarily a web development business, of course, this is the first thing I will talk about. With our new service package, we will manage your entire website. This includes setting up a new website on your preferred host or managing your existing website. Also included is connecting an efficient caching service, status monitoring, and error reporting.

Social Media Management
Businesses are expected to keep up with multiple accounts for Social Media. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even more for some companies. Managing all of these accounts can get tiring, which is why Social Media Management is also included in our Business Management package. We will upload on behalf of your business on each platform daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your schedule to keep up your online presence.

Social Media & Search Engine Advertising
No more set-up fees with this package. Let us know what you want to advertise, and we’ll do the rest. The advertising portion includes keyword research, competitor research, landing page creation, ad creation, and custom reports on the performance of your ad. *Note: You will be responsible for paying your advertising budget upfront.

Content Writing
Writing material for your business can take a lot of time. With this part of this service package, you can be a lot more hands-off and worry about the more crucial elements of managing your business. HyperDirect can write content for various situations, including your website, landing pages, physical material (brochures, postcards, etc.), and even your business’s blog. So give us a topic, and we’ll get to writing.

Email Campaigns
We’ll manage your email list and send out blast emails to inform your customers/subscribers about new or upcoming events that you want to communicate. We will also include a custom report for every email that is sent out. That way, you always know the exact performance metrics of any of your campaigns.

HyperDirect can help your business succeed with this excellent services bundle regardless of your platforms or your time commitments. So what’s the best part? If you are early enough in seeing this post, you get to help decide the price. Let me know what you think is a fair bargain for all of these crucial services for your brand!

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