No Update For Today

Hello all, I tried to just make a notice on my blog page for this but unfortunately, it didn’t want to save. I was reviewing the Dev Log just now before uploading it and I’ve decided not to post it yet.

The problem is that I don’t want to upload something I’m not proud of and I just have not done enough since the last updates to be proud of a new set of updates. I also don’t want to make my updates unnecessarily wordy which is what I think I did too make it appear longer.

I have more time to work on my projects this week so next Sunday there should be a new update. I will also still be uploading Tuesday and Thursday this week so you can look forward to those posts. Did you know I’ve also started up my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts again? You can find me there for mostly unscheduled uploads of random things.

Well, that’s about it, thanks for understanding and I hope to see you back on Tuesday!

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