A New & Improved HyperDirect + Googles May Algorithm Update

Hello and welcome to the new HyperDirect. We have now officially been open for over 2 years and not much has been happening. Unfortunately, we opened right before a pandemic made drastic changes to every industry that no one saw coming. As much as I would like to blame the pandemic for why this company hasn't made any significant changes to the web market, I don't want to play that kind of blame game. As the owner of the company, I will take all blame myself. Because of this, I am officially stating in this message the new goals of this company. This message is a promise to my current clients as well as any new potential client that wants to work with HyperDirect. This will be a short message but it's something needed to be said, I will also include a brief note about the new Google Page Experience update at the end of this message.

What Are HyperDirect's Goals?

HyperDirect is a small local company, therefore, the goals need to be small local goals. This is one of the mistakes that I had originally, my goals were too far out in the future and physically unobtainable at the current stage. Our new biggest goal is to focus on our new and existing clients' growth, this will allow us to grow together with our clients instead of ignoring them and having nobody grow.

HyperDirect is a business with employees. Growth is necessary for us to continue to pay the bills and keep everything going. Some of my old goals just detailed how to force us to grow, I can say that over the last 2 years, that hasn't worked. So, here is a promise for new and existing customers. Our promise to you is that instead of focusing on HyperDirect's growth, we will focus on your growth. As a company that does nearly everything involved in digital marketing, if we can't assist your growth, how can we expect to grow ourselves? But that's enough about us for now, lets transition to talking about you and how this new Google update affects your site.

Google's May 2021 Page Experience Update

Last year, Google released an update called Core Web Vitals. Google is adding to this update which is focusing on the overall user experience of mobile and desktop users. Page Experience will include the following 5 signals;

- Core Web Vitals

A set of three performance metrics that can signal a user's experience. Includes, Largest Contentful Paint, Cumulative Shift Layout, and First Input Delay.

- Mobile-friendliness

Google is cracking down to make sure all websites are as friendly to mobile devices as possible so they can better serve the increasing number of mobile users.

- Safe browsing

If your site has any known security threats such as malware, harmful downloads, or deceptive content.

- HTTPS usage

Does your site use an SSL and enforce HTTPS

- No intrusive interstitials on mobile

If your site displays intrusive popups/interstitials to mobile users (AKA the mobile popup penalty).

One Last Thing

As part of the new HyperDirect, we also started a new website at https://hyperdirect.net. The site was created using Wix, but we want everyone to know we do still offer 100% completely custom websites. We determined Wix was best for us at our current size and the timeframe we had to make our site. Thank you for the time to read this and we look forward to continuing to serve our community. Check back next week for a new update!

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