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Social Media Management
Engage Your Audience

The Process



Provide us with a list of everyone who has done business with you or is subscribed to your email list. Please do not include emails that have not opted in to receive your marketing emails.



Now that we know who you are targeting, we can start looking at the content. What kind of information do you want to be posting on your account? What do you want your users to know? If you aren’t sure what you should be posting, we’ll try posting a variety of content to see what gets the most engagement.



A consistent upload schedule can take a lot of time from a small businesses employee. This is often while people choose to use a third party service like us. Now that we know the audience, we have an idea for content, let us know the schedule and we’ll get to work.



Now that everything has been decided, all you have to do is sit back and relax while we keep your Social Media accounts running. If you ever want to stop posting, just tell us. Have a change in the schedule or need to post something right away? Just let us know, we’ve got you covered.