Some Of HyperDirect’s Services

This is a brief post about some of HyperDirect’s services that are a little lesser known, it also includes one that is a bit newer.

Graphic Design
This service may not come as a surprise to some but is also something that appears to be forgotten about. I can help your business with a variety of graphic design needs, including branding, stationery creation, and ad work. I graduated High School with a degree in Graphic Communications and have been furthering my education about graphics for the last several years independently.

This could include simple one-off solutions like team photos or building photos or extend to regular photoshoots for ads or products. I have a small amount of equipment that I can bring to your location, including a camera, tripod, lights, and more to help me take great photos no matter what the subject. I am also proficient in Adobe Photoshop and can make minor touch-ups digitally as needed. Maybe you don’t even need new photos taken, but you have some old photos that you could use some love. Send them over to me, and I’d be happy to restore them for you.

This is the newest service we are offering, and I am trying to gauge interest. Recently I bout a DJI Ronin SC, and since then, my brain has been flowing with creative ideas to help my clients succeed through different routes. Some thoughts have been location tours, machinery introduction videos, location introduction, and recording of events. I have a bit of additional equipment to help make great videos for my clients and wouldn’t be opposed to buying other equipment if there is a market within my client base for this type of service.

If you would be interested in any of these services, please feel free to¬†contact me. I love to help my clients in as many ways as possible and these are just some of the services that I offer. Thanks for reading, and hopefully, I’ll see you again tomorrow!

Edit: Grammar corrections (2/20/2022)

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