The Future of the HyperDirect Website

Hello all, this is probably going to be a shorter post today. You may notice that this post is much later for a Monday than usual. This is due to some technical difficulties that I’m honestly not sure why they happened, but they did cause a bit of a delay with this post.

Usually, I write these posts in the morning before I go to work. My shift starts at 7:30 AM, meaning I’ve been getting up at 5:00 AM to write a blog post so it can be automatically uploaded at 9:00 AM. But since I’ve been trying to put more time into my health recently, today was my first day of going to the gym in the morning. Since I wouldn’t have time to wake up, write a blog post, go to the gym and then go to work, I had to write today’s post yesterday.

So far, there doesn’t seem to be an issue, right? So yesterday, I wrote the post that was supposed to be uploaded that day, and then I got to work on the post that was supposed to be uploaded today. After writing today’s post yesterday, I checked to make sure Sunday’s post was uploaded as expected. It was not. At this point, I started panicking as these posts take about an hour to write, and I usually write them directly into WordPress, so I don’t have any backup of what I wrote.

Looking through my admin dashboard, I can’t find the post. It’s just gone. I looked through my drafts, my deleted posts, my regular pages. It’s nowhere to be found, and I had to admit it was gone. I posted today’s post yesterday so that I didn’t cheat my posting every day of February challenge. Because of that, I lost my post for today. You can actually read yesterday’s post and notice that it references the post before it that doesn’t actually exist anymore…
Note: I just noticed that somehow the posts must’ve gotten overwritten as yesterday’s post’s link matches what the post should’ve been.

So with all of that said, what does that mean for the future of HyperDirect’s website? Honestly, not a whole lot right now. I believe that what happened was a user error, and I just need to be more careful. I can say for sure that I will have a backup of all posts, so if something like this happens again, I can revive my post. Initially, I was pretty mad and planned to switch away from WordPress and develop my own half-baked solution that would likely be worse.

Let’s be honest; if I made my own system, I’d probably want it to be completed within the next month or two max. WordPress isn’t far from being two whole decades old; I can’t top 20 years of development in 2 months. No one can.

Well, that’s about it for this one. Thanks for reading, and I hope you come back and read tomorrow’s post. Did you know that you can now use emojis as your website address?

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