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Web Design & Development
Your Website Reimagined

The Process



Decide on the goal of the website. Your goal could be to increase profit, maximize value, improve client/customer satisfaction or just to showcase your services. Your determined goal will define the ultimate guide on how your website should flow.

Maye sure you also understand who your audience is. Things like their reading level and skill with computers are extremely important to think about in the early stages of web design.



Now that you know the goal of the website, it’s time to come up with some designs. Depending on the scale of your website, we may create sketches of certain aspects or computerized visualizations of the entire site. These will allow you to see what the final result will look like but also allow you to change things without spending an incredible amount of time.



Your website has been designed and the creation of the site has begun. Your website will be made using the most relevant tools in regards to the size of your website. Our professional team will make sure to include as many optimizations throughout the process to make the final steps a breeze.



It’s time to put your website to the test. Now is the perfect opportunity to gather your employees, friends, family, etc. and request they browse your demo sight. Then you will have loads of input to help you decide what you should do to further improve your website. Usually, the more people you have test the website the better, but be sure to remember your target audience and how they’ll use the site as you examine your testers responses.



Your website should now be at a great stage to officially release to the public. You’ve come up with how you want and believe your users will utilize the site, make changes during the design process and had many people test the final result. Remember, the work isn’t yet done. Your new website will also have an analytics platform (usually Google Analytics) connected to it. These analytics are a great way to observe the real world statistics of your users and find ways for additional improvements.