Website Analytics: How You Can Improve The Results Your Website Delivers

You may have come across my Analytics Consulting page and wondered why anyone would pay for that. Knowing how your users traverse our site can be crucial to making your site perform at its best. Important metrics change depending on what your goal is. This is where HyperDirect comes in. I’ve been analyzing websites layouts and data for years and am pretty confident in my abilities to find ways to make the path to your goal easier to follow by your users. With the Analytics Consulting service, I will personally help set up tracking codes, create and distribute scheduled reports, and converse with you every month about how things can be improved.

Set Up Analytics
Setting up analytics can be somewhat tricky depending on what website host you are using. Google Analytics also now recommends you have both versions (see this post about the two versions) connected to your site. This adds just one more layer of complexity that most business owners don’t have time to deal with. HyperDirect is experienced in setting up these tracking codes and can efficiently perform the task. I will also connect a third analytics provider as a backup system if Google goes down.

Scheduled Reports
I am experienced in Google Data Studio and can create customized reports with just the data you want to know. This will make it easier to look over your analytics, and you won’t ever have to think, “where did I find that one specific report?” again. These reports can be sent to you as frequently as you want; daily, weekly, monthly, or even every quarter. Maybe you want monthly reports and a cumulative quarterly report, not a problem. Did I mention these reports are interactive too?

Consulting Meetings
This is where you can get insights from an expert. I have been studying how people use websites for years, and I understand the intricacies of analytics reports. I can also help to explain dips or spikes in traffic as I follow the general internet statistics and the Search Engine algorithm updates. These meetings can be scheduled monthly at anytime that is convenient for you, and you can ask me any question related to your analytics or your website in general. I’d be glad to help!

Anything Else?
HyperDirect does a few things for all of our clients when they first work with us. Uptime Monitoring is a service that we include for free with any of our services. Using Uptime Monitoring, you can be alerted whenever your website can’t be reached and when it comes back online. That information can potentially get you a refund from your web host or help you discover some errors bringing your site offline. We also offer a free Basic SEO Audit to all new customers. This audit can help find common mistakes that make your site not show up on Google. We will also make sure everything is linked correctly, such as Google MyBusiness and Google Search Console.

All of these excellent services come at one price for you, $60/Month. So, if you are interested in our Analytics Consulting service, please get in touch with us today to see how we can help you!

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