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Website Audits
Maximize Performance

The Process



Decide on the goal of the website. Your goal could be to increase profit, maximize value, improve client/customer satisfaction or just to showcase your services. Your determined goal will define the ultimate guide on how your website should flow.

Maye sure you also understand who your audience is. Things like their reading level and skill with computers are extremely important to think about in the early stages of web design.



We will check a variety of components on your website using the top auditing tools to provide you with the best feedback possible.



Now that the audit is complete, we can review the suggestions we have for you to make. These can be as small as simple spelling/grammar updates or as large as adding/removing entire pages from your site. You decide what updates are made and if you can do them alone or if you want us to perform them for you.



All that is left to do is make the revisions. We recommend doing website audits at least once per year, but for larger websites you may want to do them even more frequently. Audits are an important part in the usability and performance of your website.