What Do You Do When You’re Not Working?

As a 23 year old who works a full time job, owns a business and does some extra contract work on the side, you may not be surprised that I don’t have the best work/life balance. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that taking a small break is okay (hence why I didn’t post on Thursday.) I wanted to get back into making the blog posts today with just this simple post talking about my hobbies.

February of 2020 I bought my first acoustic guitar and quickly got swept up in the hobby of learning instruments. I now own; 1 piano/keyboard, 2 electric guitars, 1 acoustic guitar, 1 acoustic electric guitar, 1 bass, 1 harmonica, 2 Otamatones, 1 thumb piano, 2 guitar effects pedals, 2 electric guitar amps, 1 bass amp, 1 guitar effect processor. I’ve acquired quite the list of equipment in the last 2 years and I’m sure I’m not done getting equipment either. Now if only I could buy additional guitar playing skill…

I wouldn’t say that I’m a gamer per say but I do play games every now and again. I have an Xbox One, PS4, and an entirely dedicated gaming computer. Since most of my friends live 1,000+ miles away from me, I mostly play games to hang out with friends and relax. I play almost anything that they’re interested in ranging from survival games to first-person shooters.

3D Printing
This is a very recent hobby that I’m starting. I’ve been interested in 3D printers for years but only today actually purchased one. I bought a simple Creality CR-10 which is an entry level machine but should be good to get me started. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it quite yet but it should be fun to print various items and see what my creativity can come up with. I’m very interested in potentially using the printer to make small pieces to repair non-structurally critical things.

Electronics Repair
Due to the high costs of the markets right now, I haven’t indulged in this hobby recently but I used to frequently buy broken electronics on eBay to try and repair them. It was always such a great feeling to repair a device that otherwise would’ve ended up in a landfill. Most of the items were sold back on eBay as Seller Refurbished but some items I’d keep, either as just a cool thing to have or I bought it broken specifically to get it for cheaper than retail. I can’t recall not be able to repair anything but I was very picky about what I purchased as I didn’t, and still don’t, have all that much money to waste.

Realistically, that’s the majority of my hobbies. Everything else I do is for business purposes. Over the last couple years, I’ve tried to create a better work/life balance to keep stress low but I really don’t have much that keeps me from thinking about working. Part of it is that I truly enjoy developing websites; which is great but also can be frustrating. No matter how much you enjoy dong something, you can still find it stressful and doing it too much can deteriorate your mental state. Sometimes, it’s good to just step away and avoid thinking about it. This is my friendly reminder to you, always leave time for a break.

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