What Does A Web Professional Do?

My website states that I am a web professional. But what does that really mean? There are a few ways of interpreting it but the way I see it is I can do virtually anything your business would need that involves your web presence. Let’s quickly go over some of the common services that are offered to clients.

Web Development
Web development is typically the one that most people think about when they would hear web professional. I can develop your business a website. I don’t want you to stop thinking there though as web development is so much more than making your front facing public website. Some of the other projects that fall under web development are internal web-based systems like e-commerce stores, project management systems, inventory management solutions and others. Think about all the services that your business uses via a website, any of those can be recreated specifically to your needs.

Social Media Management
This would include various services inside of it like creating/uploading posts, creating banner/profile art, and running paid social media ads. Most common social media accounts I manage for clients are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I can work with a schedule of content to upload or subjects to upload about and upload them as you please. Some clients want uploads daily, most are fine with weekly uploads to keep their accounts running. Social Media Ads are also a good way to get your brand out there and you set the budget.

Paid Search Ads
These usually go along with a Social Media advertising campaign to get your brand in front of as many people as popular. Though most commonly ads are only posted to Google, I can also set them up on Bing. I can work through all the steps of creating an ad like landing pages (using the Web Development service), Ad headers, Ad titles, multiple Ad management, keyword research, and keyword management. You’d just have to tell me what’s being advertised, the budget, and when the ad should start.

Security/SEO Audits
Ever wonder why your website doesn’t get a lot of traffic from search engines? Search Engine Optimization is the process of going through your website and optimizing it so search engines like Google and Bing will prefer it over your competitors. Usually while doing an SEO audits, I will also validate your site against common security concerns. This service can help locate problem areas and assist you getting higher recognition from search engines which will pass more clicks and views through to your website. The results are never guaranteed as SEO is always changing and SEO is not always something a third-party can directly fix. Biggest thing to remember is, when it comes to SEO, content truly is king.

Thats It For Now
Though there are other services I offer, this covers a majority of them. If you are interested in any of these services or have another web related request, feel free to contact me via the website and I’d love to work with you. I will also quickly note some other services that I didn’t mention are email campaigns, lead generation, and website maintenance. Thanks for reading!

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