What Happened To Yats

Almost 1 month ago, on February 15th, I made a post about Yats (Emojis as a website URL? I’m not convinced Yet…). These were supposed to be the way of the future but I haven’t really heard much about them since I made the original post. I did say I would make an update about them so here it is.

A quick Google search shows that not much is going on. I looked up “an update on yats” expecting to find a blog post already written about them and instead I found various articles about “Yacht News” as well as an update from a Facebook account called Yats, as this account says they are a Creole Restaurant, I’m going to guess it’s unrelated. I guess it’s time to do some more digging…

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of content for their Social Media accounts. In fact, I can only find their official Facebook page, which hasn’t had a post since September of 2021. Even searching the tag of “#yats” doesn’t come up with much posted officially by the company.

To update you on my Yat (💻📱🔧🛡️), not much has changed with this either. I went through the steps to redirect it to my homepage but nothing else. The redirection was a little easier than I thought. I have no reason for thinking this, but I thought it would have me prove ownership of the domain, but you just type in whatever domain you want to. You don’t have to own the domain you buy a Yat for. This seemed strange to me but doesn’t really matter.

The Yat visualizer is just a gimmick. There is nothing in it that you couldn’t do with any decent video editor. For the most part, you have the option to display the icons of your Yat either horizontally or vertically, and the video background has 5 presets, as I’ll call them. Each of these presets provides a different animation in the background, which you can alter things like the style of the Yats, color, particle shape, density, and speed. I did make one, as seen below, but I didn’t find it that great of an experience. It also heavily slowed down my computer. I feel it would be better to make one yourself in a different editor.

From what I see from other people, most pass Yats off as a joke. Their Facebook accounts comments have nothing too nice to say. One even states, “Congratulations to being the worst entrepreneur of the year!” I wouldn’t say that I believe these will revolutionize the tech world, but I wouldn’t go as harsh as that person. Some people have bought these as a form of investment. Hoping that if it does take off in any way, maybe they can get some extra cash out of it when a business maybe wants to but it from them.

Currently, I don’t know where I stand on these. I don’t intend to buy any additional ones quite yet, but I’m not ready to write them off as nothing either. I’ll probably make another post about these at some point in the future if anything changes, but for now, that’s all I got for today, thanks for taking the time to read my blog post!

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