What’s My Favorite Type Of Web Project

Happy Monday everyone! As a web professional for over 8 years, I’ve done a variety of projects for clients and for myself. Some of these certainly stand out as more of a favorite of mine and I wanted to quickly talk about web projects that I love doing.

The standard web site request is a basic public facing website. These are great as they allow you to shape the way people see you on the web. Typically, this website sets the way you brand the rest of your company to keep everything cohesive. You can use this website to give information about your company, generate new leads, and sell some products. Though these websites have a very high importance for most businesses, they are not my favorite to build.

It’s the more custom systems that I love. These are the websites that your clients don’t typically see but they help to organize your business in one way or another. One example of a project I had been working on for myself is a Warehouse Management System. These help you manage your warehouse locations and the inventory inside of the locations. They can be one of the most useful tools in a businesses arsenal that has inventory as it keeps everything accurate.

Another system I’ve enjoyed working on recently is a custom e-commerce solution that is fully editable. This one clients get to use in order to order specific products that they made an agreement with the company to be able to purchase. Each product may have different options that the client can specify, some options may be dropdown menus and others are custom text fields. This system is entirely database driven and can be modified by anyone within the company. Or, at least it will be once its finished.

There you have it, those are some of my favorite projects that I’ve been working on. A good way to sum it up is that any project that involves me directly improving the way a company functions is one of my favorite things to do. I love solving the unique problems that come up and communicating with the client to learn about what they want the system to do. So far, every project like this that I’ve worked on, I’ve used systems similar in the past. This makes it easier to know how they should work but at some point I’d like to work on a system that I haven’t used before. That’s it for this post though, thanks for reading!

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