Where It All Began

Hello everyone! This is the first post of my new blog and also the first post of a challenge that I want to try. This challenge will involve posting something that is in some way related to my business every day of February. By the end of this month, I should have at least 28 posts on the site that are related to either my business directly, web development, web design, user experience, or digital marketing. I have lots of topics to be able to write about so I don’t think it should be that hard…

For this post, I might as well introduce myself and the company. My name is Zachary Chalmers and I started HyperDirect, LLC in March of 2019. Currently, the company is still in early start-up stages and I’m doing everything I can to grow my clients brands so I can hopefully grow with them. I have been developing websites since I was about 15 years old giving me 8 total years of experience.

Throughout my 8 years, I have worked for a couple different companies. Both of which I still perform web maintenance for to this day. The company I started at was JLS Mailing Services and they helped me build the determination needed to really get into making websites. Though I knew the basics before working on their website, I never thought about pursuing web development. I started off by making their main website but then progressed to maintaining a back-end system for client use to help organize one aspect of their business.

I have since moved on from JLS and am now employed at Webster Printing / Packaging as a Data Processor. At Webster, I manage the primary facing website as well as a couple back-end systems that allow clients to order products as they need them. I also have a large part in the marketing department and am partially behind a lot of the campaigns we do. Though I do many additional things apart from web development here, I do have quite a list of web services to provide that can help with the day to day operations of the company while saving them money in the long run. (One of these ideas is a new Warehouse Management System built to their exact specifications)

HyperDirect is currently a small business that I own and operate on the side of working my day job at Webster Printing. Through HyperDirect, I offer a vast selection of services to help my clients in various aspects of their online branding. Some of these services include, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Content Writing, Social Media Management, PPC Advertising, Email Blast Campaigns and more. I love helping businesses expand and hope to make a big impact in my community.

That just about concludes my Day 1 post. Now you know where my web development career started, what I’m doing now, and the hopes for my company. I hope you join me in my journey of starting this company and also my challenge of posting every day in February.

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