Why Is It Important To Invest In Your Brand?

It’s like the old saying goes; “Gotta spend money to make money.” But does this saying still hold any merit? Of course it does, though there are many ways to discuss this topic, we are going to talk about a few channels of digital marketing and there returns.

I first want to mention one of the cheapest online advertising sources I know of and it is the internet’s old faithful Craigslist. I can’t find two much for factual data to represent my claims but at $5 a month for most postings, you can’t really go wrong. I’ve done a few postings on craigslist and they have typically generated 3-4 responses per post per month.

Social Media
Ads on social media are very common and have different levels of success depending on a few factors including budget, time frame, audience, and content. Average conversion rates are about 9% for Facebook, both Instagram and Twitter typically provide a 1% conversion rate. As said, all of those depends based on your total budget and the industry you are in. You may have higher or lower results. I’d also recommend setting up a campaign on both Facebook and Instagram rather than one or the other.

Search Ads
Google ads has an estimated conversion rate of about 4.5% for search and about 0.5% for display ads. This obviously varies a lot as these usually link to your website and force your website to put in effort to make the conversion final. If your website isn’t up for the task, no digital advertising source will help generate conversions.

Email Blasts
I find conversion rates to not be as important for email blasts as I find them a way to put your name in the consumers mind more than to sell them anything. So I want to first mention that Email Blasts have an open rate of about 20% meaning that 1 in every 5 people you send an email to will look at the contents. Conversion rates are also hard to estimate as there are a few factors. I’ve seen it reported at as low as 3% to as high as 25%. This gap depends highly on what you consider a “conversion” to be. Some people may see an open as a conversion where others require a sale. To me, I count an open as a conversion as that’s typically my goal when sending out emails.

There you have it, that’s some data about the effectivity of digital marketing. Though the conversion rates are not that high for any of them, creating a cohesive campaign across all platforms is the key to make a successful ad. This is where I can come in to help. Watching and maintaining ads can be a lot of work and requires a bit of research to know how to adjust things like bids and keywords. If you want to off load some of this work, don’t hesitate to contact me.

P.S. Sorry this one is a lot later than usual. I had some friends visiting and a little family get together. I also always write these the same day I post them. I should probably stop doing that… Either way, thanks for reading and posts should be coming out at more appropriate times again starting tomorrow!

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