Why I’ve Stuck With SiteGround For Over 3 Years

As I mentioned in a previous post, SiteGround has been my host of choice since April 2018. Though some of these features are offered elsewhere, here are just a few of the features that SiteGround offers that I love.

Security-First Approach
As this page puts in more detail, SiteGround has a high respect for the security that they provide for the websites the host. This includes features like a free SSL for any website hosted on there platform and an AI anti-bot system to protect your site against brute force attacks. They also have a dedicated team that is creating firewall rules to protect against hacks and breaches.

Site Speed
Though many web hosts that I’ve used over the years have boasted about the speeds they offer, SiteGround seems to have been the best for the websites I build. All websites will use different levels of resources so your results may vary. I can say that out of the 2 primary hosts that I’ve used (Bluehost and SiteGround) there is a noticeable difference in speeds between the menus of the 2 sites. I’ve also had measurable differences of the speeds of the sites hosted but they are probably not accurate as the 2 sites are different in content and the scale varies significantly.

They also are partners with Cloudflare which is a massive Content Delivery Network provider spanning 90 countries and 194 cities. This allows your website to be cached at a server near your users allowing the site to load much faster no matter where the user is located. Cloudflare also adds a layer of protection as they monitor millions of websites meaning when they take action to fix one security error, it takes mass action and applied the fix across all users.

SiteGround Web Tools
SiteGround also uses their own web tools interface which I was a little worried about at first. They switched to their own interface about a year ago and after a little bit of time getting used to it, I kinda like it. They use to use CPanel which has a slightly clunky and design-lacking interface that was sometimes slightly difficult to use. Though the new very-guided interface can be a little much for an experienced user who is just trying to get in and out real quick, it’s great for someone who doesn’t know the more technical aspects like DNS Settings.

This is a simple tool that allows someone to create a hosting account from SiteGround and give limited access to another SiteGround account. For me, this is a great feature as it allows me to help a client create an account, set-up hosting, then provide my account with access to their website. Though I do lose the ability to add additional services like Dedicated IPs and Site Scanners, I can still do most things that I need to do as a web professional for a clients website. Some of the features this allows access to is DNS Management, File Management and Database Management.

Domain Privacy
This is a feature that I know most hosts offer but it’s worth mentioning. This allows you to register a domain through them while keeping your information a secret. Information like the Owners name, email and phone number can easily be found through sites like the ICANN Website Lookup tool but by using a feature like Domain Privacy, your information is hidden. This makes it much harder for spammers to reach out to you with unwanted services.

Though that’s only some of the great features offered by SiteGround, it may explain why I’ve kept with them for years. Something that is beneficial for me is there Affiliate Program which you can use to buy a plan today. This would benefit me buy sending a small amount of the purchase my way as a thank you for giving them a new customer. This by no means effects your price, if you’d like to order a service from SiteGround, please use my link today. If you want to check them out without supporting me, please use this link instead. Thanks for reading!

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