Why Should You Use A Web Professional?

Can anyone build a website? Yes. Can anyone use digital marketing? Yes. Can any manage their own social media accounts? Yes. If all of these answers are yes, then why should anyone pay an outside freelancer or contractor to help them with their own digital presence.

It’s kind of like building a house. You could, in theory build a house. You know that houses are build with wood that are screwed together to make walls and that more wood is involved for the floors and ceilings. The only problem is that most people who aren’t in the industry lack much knowledge past that. If they were to build a house, it would fall. So instead of building a house with all of the safety violations in place, they hire a general contractor to build the house for them. Even the general contractor may use outside vendors for things like electrical and plumbing depending on the size of the agency.

It’s the same thing with any task that you’d have a web professional do. Sure you may know how to do something like build a website but you probably won’t know the best way to do it. When I say best I don’t mean that doing it that way is absolutely the best way to do it and no one should ever do it any other way. Honestly, that kind of best doesn’t exist. What I mean by best is web professionals keep an eye on the industries they cater to. This allows them to know more about smaller things like security vulnerabilities, SEO and web trends. All of these things come together to make an all around well performing website that would take you a long time to learn about and utilize.

Speaking of time, your time is probably better spent expanding your business from other approaches. If you can pay someone else to manage your online presence for you while you use your own specialized skills to expand your business, isn’t that the best of both worlds? Things like social media can take a business owners or managers time, like days of time per week depending on how much they want to post and how much effort they want to put into the posts.

The other thing that’s worth mentioning is laws. Some things have legal requirements that you must abide to. One thing that jumps out at me is email marketing. Email blasts fall under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and therefore have rules and regulations on what you can and can’t say plus what you have to include. Sure you can look these rules up on your own but wouldn’t it be easier to have someone who is already well versed in the law to handle it for you? Also, as privacy laws become greater and greater, the spread of where laws apply becomes greater and greater. For example, only about 4 years ago a legislation was enacted that defines the way that businesses can utilize customers data. Though these sets of regulations (the GDPR) are currently only for European Union website users, this could still affect companies within the US who have people using their websites in the EU.

That is why I truly believe outside web professionals are a great business decision for any companies. You have more time on your hands, a better performing website, great social media presence, and you can sleep soundly knowing that your web professional is paying attention to the laws regarding how your websites and other services interact with people. Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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